Groovy Compo

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GroovyCompo (started by Mick Rippon and later organised by Yannis Brown) is a music competition for people who compose with either the XM (Fastracker II) or the IT format (Impulse Tracker). You simply write a tune with a set of predetermined instruments.

It was a triweekly compo – the first week was dedicated to tracking (or writing the music), the second week was dedicated to voting, and the third week was for administration. More information about this can be found in how to track and how to vote.

This was a very similar concept to past biweeky competitions such as The Trackering, Creulisation and not forgetting the one that started it all… The 20 MeEhNuTz Chipcompo, but in GroovyCompo the voting was entirely different. I believe that the voting scheme was more accurate and less hassle. Look elsewhere on the page for more information.

We decided to address the main problems we found with past biweekly competitions and try and rectify them in this one. The final aim was to make things as easy and as quick as possible – no hassle, no fuss. We decided to centralise everything around this webpage, and instead of putting all the responsibility on one person, we decided to spread it out so that if they can’t be available on one weekend, then there was always going to be someone around to keep the competition going. We all had lives you know :)

Groovy Compo ran for over 2 and a half years from 1997 with the help of Mick Rippon, Yannis Brown, and later by Jonathan Vinsome and Jonathan Leahy.