Groovy Compo | News

09-09-00 Sample pack is released. GC44 results will be late due to me being on holiday and forgeting to bring them with me. D’oh
25-08-00 You’ll be pleased to know that the main webpage doesn’t keep refreshing now. Thanks to [Doz] for his help on that one.
23-08-00 The new e-mail address are now working:-
Song entries must be sent to:-
(closed)Votes are to be sent to:-
(closed)Questions and comments to:-
22-08-00 The move to the new server has happend, earlier than expected which has caused a few problems as I hadn’t uploaded the site to the new server.
20-08-00 I’m in the middle of moving Groovy Compo to another server, The new address will be (closed) , I’ll keep you all updated as to when it all happens.
19-08-00 Well after many problems this weekend, I’ve just got access to the ftp again. Vote pack will be released at 7pm Sunday 20th August.
17-08-00 Received a few e-mails regards content on the site, thanks to aMUSiC / Analogue, for reminding me about the 20 min compo & psy (?) for saying that modplug player doesn’t play all .xm and .it files correctly. Added xm play just for you :P
16-08-00 Well.. we’re half way throught the tracking week, and we’ve received 5 entries all ready.
12-08-00 If you have any ideas for future “special rule” compos (i.e. .mod format only, track a theme tune etc..) please mail them to (closed).lignenews2.gif (510 bytes)
12-08-00 If you want to submit a sample pack to be used in groovy compo, mail it to (closed). The pack should be approx. 250k zipped (300k zipped max) containing a good assortment of samples. Please don’t include huge loops. (The organiser has the right to change samples without notification).lignenews2.gif (510 bytes)
12-08-00 GC43 sample pack has been released