How to Track

Groovy Compo | How to track

For starters, make sure you’re in a tracking week, and not a voting week, and download the sample pack. The sample pack will be in s3m format.


RULES can be found in the “GCRules.txt” file provided in each competition.

SPECIAL RULES relating only to that competition will be in a file “GCxx.txt” where xx = number of comp.

You’re allowed ONE extra (8 or 16 bit) sample which cannot exceed 64k (65,536 bytes). You’re allowed as many “instruments” as you like. The finished track must not exceed 256k (262,144 bytes) zipped.

Only one tune per author, although you’re allowed to enter as many co-ops as you like, as long as they’re all with different people.

You’re allowed to manipulate the samples in any way you please, but don’t manipulate a sample so it’s bigger than the original. We want to keep that votepack small.

If you do manipulate samples past the point where they can be recognised, in the sample text (or F9 Screen in impulse tracker) write what you have done.

Entries are NOT anonymous. If I don’t know who you are, then you won’t be included in the votepack.

If any rules are broken, we will give you a short time to address the problems and submit your song again.

Remove all unused samples.

Once you’re done, send the ZIPPED tune to (closed)