How to Vote

Groovy Compo | How to vote

To vote, follow these steps:

Listen to all the tunes from the votepack as many times as you see fit.

Simply Fill-In the VoteForm (there should be a text file in votepack i.e. gc04vote.txt)

Follow the Steps inside the VoteForm:

1) Enter your NICKNAME (including Those of Co-Op partners)

2) Enter your EMAIL Address (or other contact address if no email)

3) Enter your Entry FILENAME(s)

4) Mark the songs out of 20, with 0 being utterly crap and 20 being damn fucking amazing.

5) Write a comment about why your favourite tune won, and why it beat second place.
If you are unable to write an overall comment because of the time factor, then I will understand, but the “one overall comment” was designed so people understand what people listen to when hearing a winning tune. This method is largely experimental, and some people might not appreciate having no comments because they came 2nd last, but I think it might help to dwell on the winner’s strengths rather than your own shortcomings. You’ll find the difference between great and average tunes are largely to do with what you’re missing, as opposed to what you do wrong.

If you feel it’s important, include the reasons why particular tunes were at the place they were.

Mail your results to GroovyCompo –


If you entered a tune you MUST vote or you will be disqualified.

If you entered a a co-op tune, then only one party needs to vote.

Your comments will be published in the results. They will be anonymous so don’t worry about people bashing your head in.