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This is a list of music by fq-music and some selected pieces of music from members of other groups we have been a part of. Please report broken links or other comments to




Title Author Group Type Kb

"space flex" - 16bit argh fq-music IT 2570

"space flex" argh fq-music IT 657
"do you want me" argh fq-music IT 51 opohc6-9th
"stones" argh fq-music IT 2078
"half way there" argh fq-music XM 733
"merry xmas mr lawrence" jv fq-music IT 3
"100k trance tune" jv fq-music XM 50 mic0404-9th
"hypnotic signs" argh fq-music IT 5
"hey stranger (i love you)" argh & ballistique fq-music IT 1510 mic0204-6th
"white side of dark" argh fq-music IT 3
"flashback" - 16bit argh fq-music IT 1567
"flashback" argh fq-music IT 508 mic0104-6th
"then and now"  - 8bit argh fq-music IT 625
"then and now" - 16bit argh fq-music IT 2372
"twisted vortex" argh fq-music IT 240 cmc1203-4th
"dots" ballistique fq-music XM 8 mic0104-7th
"true calling" ballistique fq-music IT 522 mic0404-4th
"strawberry" ballistique fq-music IT 15
"soul echos" ballistique fq-music XM 13
"history" argh fq-music IT 272
"sunrise reflection" argh fq-music IT 4
"the last dawn" argh fq-music IT 196 hc01-n/a
"keygen" ballistique b&a productions XM 13
"keygen 2" ballistique b&a productions XM 13
"honkytonk" ballistique b&a productions IT 687
"wish you were here" ballistique b&a productions IT 5
"chippy on a sunday" ballistique b&a productions IT 2
"dill pickle rock" ballistique b&a productions IT 3
"such is life" ballistique b&a productions IT 5
"walking with the stars" ballistique b&a productions IT 4
"colours of cezanne" ballistique b&a productions IT 5
"sunday afternoon" argh b&a productions IT 126 gc43-9th
"all night alone" argh b&a productions IT 4
*new* "firefly" ballistique b&a productions IT 240
"fraggle rock remix" ballistique b&a productions IT 1383
"electric beans" argh b&a productions IT 166
"light" bal & aymes neptune IT 107 gc30-1st
"four stone walls" bal & aymes neptune IT 147 gc38-2nd
"one & one" ballistique b&a productions 227
"the outlaw" argh & ballistique b&a productions IT 194 gc35-dq
"90 mins" ballistique b&a productions IT 113 gc29-4th
"house eating monster" argh & lemm process five IT 143 gc29-5th
"sometimes" liberty active sound IT 78 gc29-9th
"dusk til dawn" ballistique active sound IT 146 gc28-1st
"epistaxis" argh active sound IT 686 mc6v-n/a
"technological chipolution" argh active sound IT 2
"wormhole in my teapot" argh active sound IT 162 gc14-1st
"not enough time" argh active sound IT 168 gc10--6th
"lost in the park" ballistique & argh active sound IT 161 gc10-5th
"hide and seek" ballistique active sound IT 141 gc10-1st
"winter song" ballistique active sound IT 132 gc7-dq
"tracer" ballistique b&a productions IT 109
"at the end of the pier" ballistique & argh b&a productions IT 88 gc3-2nd
"a journey beyond" argh active sound IT 111 gc1--11th
"blue drag" ballistique transworld IT 183 gc1-17th
"searching" bal & argh & lemm three brits IT 208 cr10-n/a
"pearl oblivion" liam the lemming three brits IT 201 cr10-n/a
"smoke rings" ballistique & argh three brits IT 143 cr9-n/a
"anywhere" argh & ballistique three brits IT 280 cr9-n/a
"another sleepless night" ballistique three brits IT 115 cr9-n/a
"crash barrier" liam the lemming three brits IT 175 cr9-n/a
"spacetime surfer" liam the lemming three brits IT 143 cr9-n/a
"only a dream" ballistique three brits IT 332
"eastern dreams" argh three brits IT 247
"a life in turmoil" ballistique three brits IT 192
"eye of the storm" argh three brits IT 303 mic0304-9th
"lost in the dark" ballistique & argh three brits IT 184 cr7-2nd
"waiting for summer" argh three brits IT 104 cr7-12th
"somewhere" ballistique & argh three brits IT 89 cr6-2nd
"black hole journey" argh three brits IT 200 cr5-9th
"i'm going to town" argh & ballistique three brits IT 239
"cut paste copy" ballistique & argh three brits IT 66 tt29-2nd
"what i did last night" ballistique three brits IT 54 tt28-2nd
"deep joy" liam the lemming three brits IT 340 tt28-3rd
"lizard lounge" ballistique two brits IT 61 tt26-3rd
"drainpipes" argh two brits IT 91 tt26-4th
"the royal banquet" ballistique two brits IT 91 cr4-3rd
"piano thing" ballistique two brits IT 65 tt25-8th
"invasion after sunset" argh two brits IT 145 cr3-13th
"nowhere" ballistique two brits IT 73 cr3-3rd
"now that i found you" ballistique two brits IT 51 tt24-8th
"into the unknown" argh two brits IT 75 tt23-5th
"naughty shite mix" argh & ballistique two brits IT 74 tt22-22nd
"turnback" argh who-the-hell-cares MOD 100 tt21-17th
"fascination" argh two brits IT 248
"no leads" argh two brits IT 90 tt18-3rd
"stompaphonics" argh who-the-hell-cares IT 79 tt16-dq
"haunted thoughts" argh who-the-hell-cares s3m 77 tt14-7th
"back to basics" argh who-the-hell-cares s3m 40
"dismal reality" argh who-the-hell-cares s3m 248
"ancient lands" argh who-the-hell-cares s3m 266
"i hate microsoft windows" argh who-the-hell-cares s3m 268
"piano inspirationist" madman who-the-hell-cares MOD 64
"the end" argh who-the-hell-cares MOD 35
"hup" madman who-the-hell-cares MOD 77
"hyr" madman MOD 157